A note about Rosaries and Rosary Bracelets


While making the Rosaries and Rosary bracelets, I always pray for the future owner.  Please have your Rosary and Rosary bracelet blessed by a Catholic priest. All Rosaries and Rosary bracelets will arrive with a sachet that will help to protect your Rosary in your purse.

Natural antiquing

Some of the Rosaries and Rosary bracelets have natural antiquing (aging) of the medals and Crucifixes.  The pictures reflect the Rosary or Rosary bracelet and are usually noted in the description.  Medals and Crucifixes begin antiquing almost immediately.  If you have any questions, just e-mail.

Custom orders

If you find special beads that you would like made into a Rosary or Rosary bracelet, please let me know what you are envisioning for your heirloom Rosary or Rosary bracelet.

Not all Crucifixes and medals are available any more

Sometimes we run out of stock of Crucifixes or medals, but we will always tell you if that happens ahead of time.